Live theatre connects us to meaningful issues in our lives and has the power to shape the human experience. The mission of the Indiana Repertory Theatre is to produce top-quality, professional theatre and related activities, providing experiences that will engage, surprise, challenge, and entertain people throughout their lifetimes, helping us build a vital and vibrant community.


The Indiana Repertory Theatre will be a life-long destination of choice for an ever-expanding audience of all ages and backgrounds seeking enjoyable and meaningful experiences. Using theatre as a springboard for both personal reflection and community discussion, our productions and programs will inspire our neighbors to learn about themselves and others. As an arts leader in the state of Indiana, the IRT's goal is to make Indiana a dynamic home of cultural expression, economic vitality, and a diverse, informed, and engaged citizenry.


Sustaining a professional, creative atmosphere

  • the professional production of plays that provide insight and celebrate human relationships through the unique vision of the playwright
  • professional artists of the highest quality working on our stages in an environment that allows them to grow and thrive
  • our leadership role in fostering a creative environment where arts, education, corporate, civic, and cultural organizations collaborate to benefit our community

Prudent stewardship of our resources

  • our public-benefit status, where the focus is on artistic integrity, affordable ticket prices that allow all segments of our community to attend, and community service
  • fiscal responsibility and financial security based on achieving a balanced budget
  • growing our endowment fund as a resource for future development and to ensure institutional longevity


  • the production of plays from a broad range of dramatic literature addressing diverse communities
  • the involvement of all segments of our community in our activities
  • using theatre arts as a primary tool to bring meaning into the lives of our youth, making creativity a component of their education
  • the employment of artists and staff that celebrates the diversity of the United States

Heritage and Tradition

  • our role as Indiana’s premiere theatre for more than 40 years, recognized by the 107th Indiana General Assembly in 1991 as “Indiana’s Theatre Laureate.”
  • the historic Indiana Theatre as our home, as a cultural landmark, and as a significant contributor to a vital downtown
  • our national, state, and local reputation for 40+ years of quality creative work and educational programming
  • our board, staff, volunteers, artists, audiences, and donors as essential partners in fulfilling our mission